Exercising This Summer in Seattle at Your Urban Apartment Community

It’s easy to fall into the same routine each day of sitting at home after work or school; but the summer represents a time where outdoor activities become more alluring with the long days and warmer temperatures.

For anyone who isn’t already familiar with the Seattle area, the “great outdoors” lures hundreds of thousands of residents to the hiking, biking, and walking trails of the region. ¬†However, don’t forget that your urban apartment also provides a surprising number of ways to enjoy the outdoors.

It’s easy to assume that an urban lifestyle isn’t compatible with an outdoor lifestyle, but nothing could be further from the truth in Seattle. Not only is it quite easy to take a walk in the city, but it’s also fairly easy to find parks, water, and trails for various outdoor pursuits.

If you’ve recently come to Muriel’s Landing, here are a few ways you can combine the upbeat urban environment of Seattle with popular activities during the summer.

Head to the Roof of your Urban Apartment for an Amazing View and an Afternoon Barbecue

head to the roof for an afternoon barbecueSeattle affords its residents some of the most gorgeous views of the mountains and Lake Union; and you can see each of these striking features when you head to the rooftop deck at Muriel’s Landing. Comfortable patio furniture and a gas grill are available to make your gathering a beautiful and relaxing one.

Not only that, but the deck is also excellent for a quiet afternoon spent reading.  Why read indoors when you can enjoy a summer afternoon with a book, a lounge chair, and a rooftop deck? Try to mix things up the next time you engage in your favorite activity. Instead of sitting in bed to read; you might think about sitting outside on the rooftop deck or at a nearby park.


Walk to Your Errands Rather than Drive

It’s common for Americans to drive to their destinations, even if they’re only traveling a few blocks. You might need an extra ingredient for dinner and assume the easiest way to finish dinner is with a quick trip to the store. Lucky for you, your urban apartment makes it possible to complete your errands on foot, particularly if you have a little extra time and want to enjoy a pleasant walk outside.

Nearby destinations that can help you enjoy the outdoors whether on the way to an errand or simply strolling through the city include Ravenna Park, Union Bay Natural Area, and Green Lake. You might consider riding your bike to Green Lake and then walking or jogging around it. You can also visit Woodland Park, which is a short trip away from Green Lake.


Live at Muriel’s Landing, an Ideal Urban Oasis

It can feel tough to find the perfect apartment in the city, but we’re confident Muriel’s Landing will complete your wish list in a new home. Whether you want great views, a terrific location, or the new and modern feel of an urban apartment, you’ll love living at Muriel’s Landing. Contact one of our leasing agents today to arrange a visit.


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