Why You Should Choose a Seattle Apartment Over a House

Choosing a Seattle Apartment Over a House

Living in an apartment is probably the most affordable way to get access to luxury amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and gated parking. However, the amenities aren’t the only things you get when you choose to live in a Seattle apartment rather than a house. Here are some things to consider if you’re on the fence between renting an apartment or leasing a house.

You Won’t Spend Entire Weekends Every Month Cleaning

Keeping up with the cleaning in a house is easier than a house because apartments are usually smaller, and they also don’t come with the usual maintenance requirements of a house. When you clean the bathroom on the weekend in a house, you have to deal with all the maintenance required like fixing the toilet, repairing a leak in the shower, and replacing old or cracked tiles.

In an apartment, you can call on your apartment management team to fix the problems you find. You’ll spend an hour making the bathroom clean while the apartment’s maintenance crew handles anything more involved like fixing a gasket in the toilet or repairing a leak from one of the faucets. Even if you happen to live in an apartment with a generous amount of square footage, you probably won’t need to spend that much time performing any sort of maintenance beyond changing out the occasional light bulb.

The Blog at Minafi explains what happens when a family moves from a huge house into a modest yet spacious apartment:

“We had two bedrooms that we spent more time cleaning than using. Closets that were used entirely for our storage, rather than guest storage. I have a feeling that our entire apartment now is about the size of our main open area.”

With huge home sizes all over the country, homeowners routinely furnish and clean rooms that have absolutely no one using them except in rare cases (like a guest bedroom that only has a visitor once a year or a home gym that rarely sees use). Living in an appropriately-sized apartment means you get to enjoy your space without having to spend extra time cleaning and maintaining rooms you never even use.

You’ll Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in a Seattle Apartment

Home ownership can feel very rewarding, but it’s not always the most environmentally-friendly lifestyle. A huge house or a home requires quite a lot of heating in the winter if you live in a cold area, as well as significant cooling if you live in a hot region. An apartment, on the other hand, won’t usually have the same heavy need for utilities and power.

According to a real estate blog:

“Smaller spaces mean apartment owners tend to own less (so less goes to landfill) and use less heating and air conditioning. Apartment owners can also benefit from the heating and cooling activities of their neighbors – if you’re sharing a wall with someone who’s cranked up the heat, yours doesn’t need to be so high. On top of that, more and more apartment buildings are being built with sustainability in mind.”

If you choose to live in a new Seattle apartment community, you may get access to a “green” building that has been built and designed with environmentally-friendly practices in mind.

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