Transforming Your Seattle Apartment Into A Home

Your adventures in Seattle begin the day you move into your brand new apartment, and part of that adventure begins when you create a home for you and your roommates or family. Whether you live alone, with a friend, or with your growing family, it’s important to ensure your new Seattle apartment feels like home, even if you don’t own the residence.

An apartment can feel just as homey and welcoming as a single-family home, and you can transform your Seattle apartment into a cozy space in just a few affordable steps. Before you rush out to the store to fill your apartment with a bunch of furniture that might look better in a nameless motel room, consider the following tasks to help you create the perfect new home-sweet-home.

Here are a few projects you might undertake before, during, and after your move to your new Seattle apartment.

Trade Your Anonymous Furnishings for Personal Items

The easiest way to make an apartment feel like a foreign space is to buy a bunch of furniture to simply fill the space rather than buy it to make the space feel welcoming. Don’t buy a couch because it’s stylish and on sale at your local discount furniture store. Rather, take a few days to search for a piece of furniture that matches a style you enjoy.

You don’t have to have a subscription to Architectural Digest to have a personal style. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a particular fan of interior design and decoration, you might be surprised that you do have a style preference. Perform a simple search online for a piece of furniture you need to buy, and you’ll find that you like one piece but not another.

  • Tip: The more time you spend furnishing your new apartment, the less money you’ll waste and the better quality items you’ll find through sales. Don’t just hurry out and buy a couch because you need a place to sit for streaming movies. Unpack everything and arrange the furniture you already own and then embark on a smart and calculated search for your ideal couch.

Don’t Get Rid of Personal Knickknacks for Modernism

A clean apartment with sleek, modern furniture may look beautiful; however, even modern apartments feature some furnishings that are personal in nature. While you might appreciate a black leather couch, concrete countertops, and just a few pieces of subtle art on the walls, you shouldn’t forgo family pictures in your zeal to create a minimalist or modern space.

If you flip through a magazine that features clean, modern spaces, it’s important to notice the small details that bring the space to life. Rather than hanging two dozen photographs on the wall in a giant, messy group, a minimalist style might see one or two photographs hung as the personal and unique focal points for the space.

You might choose a family portrait that features your entire immediate family. To modernize the picture, you can remove the old picture frame (which, if you’ve had it for a while, might look a little dated) and replace it with a slim, modern frame. You can update just about any photograph or picture with a modern frame while keeping the personal image on display.

Enjoy Your New Life in Seattle at Muriel’s Landing

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