The Downtown Seattle Experience in Your Apartment or Condo

Historic Downtown Seattle

The Seattle region offers its residents diverse living environments that range from peaceful suburbs and rural green areas to densely populated urban streets in the downtown area. Finding a place to live in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country means checking out all corners of the region. One area you may wish to explore is Downtown Seattle.

A Colorful History and a Vibrant Present

Today, the downtown area is filled with skyscrapers, big businesses, and condominium communities, but it wasn’t always such a bright and shiny metropolitan area. In its earliest years, the city was filled wooden buildings and hills. However, just about all those old buildings are gone, and the large hill that once impacted the skyline was even removed in a years-long project.

“The original Downtown looked a lot different than it does today; wooden buildings, a saw mill, steeper hills. Two major events changed it all: the Seattle fire of 1889, which burned most of Downtown to the ground, and the Denny Regrade, a thirty-year-long project that tamed the slopes of Denny Hill. Add in the major growth of skyscrapers, roadways such as I-5 and the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and the Seattle Center, and you’ve literally got a city that has rebuilt itself out of the ashes.”

Today’s Seattle is modern and busy with entertainment and business, and it’s a paradise for anyone who wants to live the urban lifestyle while still having easy access to the wild scenery and activities that are available just outside the city. You can reach backcountry skiing around Snoqualmie by driving just 52 miles from the city center.

Can You Enjoy Walking in Downtown Seattle?Walk Around Downtown

When you think the average downtown area in a city, you might think of New York City and the fact that no one owns a car, everyone takes the subway, and most of the vehicles are taxicabs. However, not all downtown areas are amenable to walking. Some big cities aren’t safe after dark in their downtown area, and others don’t provide adequate space for walkers.

However, Seattle isn’t one of those cities. According to Walk Score, the City of Seattle scores incredibly well on its Walk Score and Transit Score, and it even scores decently well on its Bike Score.

According to the site:

“Downtown is the most walkable neighborhood in Seattle with 5,059 residents. Downtown has world-class public transportation and is somewhat bikeable. Nearby neighborhoods: Belltown, Pioneer Square, First Hill, Yesler Terrace, South Lake Union, International District and Westlake.”

For anyone who wants to live in an urban apartment community and doesn’t want to have to put up with a vehicle and car maintenance, Downtown Seattle offers the ideal solution for anyone who loves to walk and enjoys strolling outside to complete their daily errands. Downtown Seattle also has hundreds of restaurants, and the average resident can easily walk to at least 80 restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in just five minutes.

Live at Muriel’s Landing and Enjoy Downtown Seattle

Muriel’s Landing is only around five miles north of Downtown Seattle and is located right next to the University of Washington. If you’re interested in living in a beautifully modern and stylish apartment community, you’ll love what Muriel’s Landing has to offer. Get in touch with us today to arrange a tour.

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