Protecting Your Seattle Home from Natural Disasters

Save Seattle Home from Natural Disaster

As an apartment renter, you may not feel that it’s particularly important or necessary to prepare for a natural disaster or an event like a flood or fire, but there are several steps you can take to ensure you remain safe during a major event. You may not own the apartment building in which you reside, but it’s important to prepare for emergencies in any case.

Apartment Search offers some excellent advice about preparing for an emergency, even if you think your apartment is the safest place in the world:

  • Have an emergency kit on hand.
  • Establish a family emergency plan
  • Consider buying renter’s insurance
  • Talk to your apartment neighbors about what to do
  • Find out if your cell phone can receive Wireless Emergency Alerts

Surviving a natural disaster often means preparing well for the event, and it’s always better to feel over-prepared if indeed you experience a major weather event or something that damages your apartment and its contents.

Check out from FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security

The government has put together a helpful website that offers advice on preparing for disasters. From earthquakes and tsunamis to active shooters and harsh winter weather, there are ways that you can prepare for just about any event imaginable. The website even offers advice on cyber security, which can prove as helpful to some people as preparing for a natural disaster.

One of the ways a Seattle resident can prepare for disasters is by considering the effects of harsh winter weather. According to

“Winter storms can cause power outages that last for days. They can make roads and walkways extremely dangerous or impassable and close or limit critical community services such as public transportation, child care, health programs, and schools. Injuries and deaths may occur from exposure, dangerous road conditions, and carbon monoxide poisoning and other conditions.”

Living in an urban area like Seattle means you have a variety of resources nearby to assist when a natural disaster happens or when a “100-year storm” occurs and creates wild and dangerous weather. However, even the most densely populated areas of Seattle aren’t immune to events like floods and fires.

Create a Plan for Safety

One of the most helpful types of preparation in which you can engage is creating a plan for what happens after a disaster. Whether it’s a fire in your apartment complex, a freak storm that causes a days-long power outage, or an “act of God” like an earthquake, it’s important to have a meeting place set up in advance so that you can gather with your family during and after the event is over.

For disasters like earthquakes, you may wish to decide on a meeting point in an open, grassy area like a park. If you live with a roommate or your significant other, you both may not be at home when the disaster strikes. Creating a meeting point can help with the worry that might occur if the phones aren’t working and no one can communicate unless they’re within shouting distance.

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