Making the Most of Your Move to Seattle and Your New Apartment

Families, couples, and individuals come to Seattle for all sorts of reasons like school, a new job, or a change of scenery. Moving can feel exciting and nerve-wracking, and it’s important to start preparing well in advance of your move to minimize stress and make it easier to settle into your new Seattle apartment. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your time before, during, and after your move. 

Before Your Move To Your New Seattle Apartment

Comprehensive preparation for your move is generally regarded as the best way to have a smooth relocation experience; however, making plans well in advance means more than just booking the moving truck a few months before moving day to your new Seattle, WA. apartment. Many people who are relocating further than across town find it beneficial to make a list of items to accomplish before the move.

Here are a few things to remember about making your list:

  • University District Apartments Seattle– Add dates to your list and deadlines for completing each item.
  • – Place “sell old stuff” near the beginning of the list, so your donations and auctions are finished well in advance of moving day.
  • – Leave space under “call movers” to write down the rates from your comparison shopping

Place your list in a noticeable area, so you don’t forget about the things you have to accomplish before your move. You don’t want to arrive at moving day with items on your list unfinished. Doing things at the last minute can get expensive and stressful.

During Your Move Out

A moving company can pack everything, load the boxes onto the truck, and transport everything without any input from you, but you’ll need to get organized if you plan to pack your own items and load them into the truck yourself (or with friends). Not only is it a good idea to organize everything and catalog your possessions, but it’s also a good idea to number each box and write down the general contents of each box.

Additionally, labeling your boxes with “bedroom,” “bathroom,” or “living room” can help make sure you’re not doing extra moving once you’re in your Seattle area apartment. While you might not need to place labels on boxes if you’re moving into a studio, having some record of your possessions can be helpful nevertheless.

After Your Move And Settling Into Your Luxury Downtown Seattle Apartment

It’s not uncommon to see boxes hanging around after a move for many months after the move-in date. Leaving items in boxes for months can start costing you time and money when you can’t find items that you need, and you have to spend time digging through boxes or heading out to the store to purchase new items.

Although it takes a lot of work and concentration, it’s important to get as many items unpacked as possible in as little time as possible. The only items you should feel free to take some time with are your pictures and major pieces of decorative art. You don’t have to rush to put your pictures up on the walls, but anything you use that’s not decorative (like clothing, kitchen stuff, and toiletries) should be unboxed as soon as possible.

Enjoy a New Beginning at Muriel’s Landing

Are you seeking the ideal urban, pet-friendly apartment in Seattle? Muriel’s Landing is an excellent choice for anyone who wants quick access to school, work, and everything that’s fun about Seattle. We’d love to welcome you on a personalized tour of our apartment community. If you’re in town, get in touch with our friendly leasing staff, and we’ll put together a tour.


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