Last-Minute Shopping Ideas in Seattle

End-of-year responsibilities at work and school often mean that plans for holiday activities and buying gifts are put on the back burner. It’s not uncommon to reach the last few weeks of the holiday season and realize that you haven’t done any shopping or activities in Seattle.

If you live at Muriel’s Landing in Seattle, you’re within walking distance of just about everywhere you might want to shop, and Seattle is also ideally situated in a part of the world where outdoor activities are within easy reach.

If you’re panicking over the state of your holiday plans and gifts, here are a few ways you can get the ball rolling on easy and budget-friendly holiday shopping.

Use the Internet for Local Shopping

The internet has become an impressive equalizer for small business owners interested in competing with large, multinational corporations. In addition to walking through the doors of local businesses, you can often find their “deals and steals” online.

Tip: Before hitting the pavement to patronize local businesses, take a few minutes (or hours, if you have the time) to surf the internet. You might come upon discounts available online, such as coupons you can print out and bring into the store. Local businesses may also offer you a discount if you join their mailing list.

The best part about shopping at local businesses? You’re supporting the local economy in your Seattle apartment’s neighborhood, which paints a bright and prosperous future for the community.

Try Face-to-Face Gatherings Rather than Gifts holidayshoppingseattle

A gift that’s sent across the country to a friend is a nice reminder that you care, but you might be able to spread the holiday cheer a little wider if you arrange a gathering rather than individual gifts for everyone. While a small gift card to a local coffee shop might be appreciated by a friend, they might find more holiday joy from getting to see you at a gathering with your circle of friends.

Tip: If you find that you’re planning something at the very last minute, there’s a good chance your friends might be busy on a Saturday or Friday night with other holiday plans. Try arranging a short, early gathering on a weeknight where everyone can enjoy a few hours together for the holidays.

Give Hand-Written Letters to Faraway Friends

You might not have the opportunity to see people in person if they live a thousand miles away from your apartment in Seattle, and a gift card with a hastily written “Happy Holidays” on the front might seem a little impersonal. You might want to revisit the long-lost art of letter writing.

Not only will your older relatives and friends appreciate the time you spent writing a letter, but friends of a younger generation will probably get a kick out of receiving a hand-written letter from you instead of a generic card. The best part about hand-written letters? They’re incredibly affordable, even if you purchase some nice stationery.

Enjoy the New Year at Muriel’s Landing

Are you searching for a modern and urban apartment home in Seattle? Muriel’s Landing is the perfect place to live if you wish to live conveniently close to shopping, school, and endless city activities. You’ll also love how easy it is to head out into the gorgeous wilderness areas around the metropolitan area. If you’re searching for a new home in Seattle, get in touch with us today to arrange a tour.

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