How to Keep Your Seattle Apartment Safe While on Vacation

Living in an apartment comes with a variety of benefits like extra amenities, a great location, and the convenience of having basic repairs completed by your property manager. Another facet of apartment living in Seattle that many people don’t always consider is safety and security, and how certain decisions can have a fairly dramatic impact on the overall safety of an apartment home.

If you’re going on vacation soon or you’re planning a brief absence, there are a few tasks you might want to take care of before you leave to ensure your apartment and its contents remain as safe as possible while you’re gone.

Be Cautious in Sharing Your Vacation Plans

There are some people who will need to know about your vacation plans, and there are other people who might not be so high on the priority list. For example, your boss at work or your teachers might need to know about your absence, and the friend you’ve asked to water your plants in your absence or feed your cat will need to know when you’re gone.

However, you may wish to avoid sharing information about your trip via social media where people who aren’t necessarily your friends might end up finding out about your plans for a vacation or travel. When you return to your apartment in Seattle and have relaxed for an evening after your exciting trip, you can head to social media and share all the pictures and memories about your trip.

Remain Alert and Cautious While at Home

It’s a good idea to get to know your neighbors, so you can remain aware of any unfamiliar faces that might appear around the community. When you become friends with your neighbors, you can all look out for one another, and you can even rely on them to keep an eye on things while you’re away. They can let you know if they notice your door ajar one morning when you haven’t been around for a few days.

Living in Seattle means having access to an amazing population of friendly and outgoing people, but it’s still a good idea to keep things locked up safe and sound in your spacious Seattle apartment. Make sure your door remains locked at all times, and get in the habit of asking who’s at the door (or looking through the peephole) each time you have a visitor.

Don’t Let Your Mail Pile Up

If there is someone bent on thievery lurking around your home, one of the best ways you can communicate your absence to him or her is by forgetting to have your newspaper picked up or halted while you’re away. It’s easy to have the newspaper held in your absence if you still get delivery, and you can also have your mail held for several weeks with a phone call to the USPS.

The month before your vacation is the perfect time to consider going “green” by getting your magazines, newspapers, and other mail delivered electronically. Most newspapers offer online access, and many magazines are also available in an environmentally friendly digital format. You can also sign up for “paperless billing” for your credit cards and other bills.

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