How to Enjoy Your Seattle Apartment Kitchen Each Day

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Your apartment is your place to relax after a hard day at work, have fun with friends and family, and enjoy activities like making meals in your fully-equipped kitchen. Most nice Seattle apartments tend to come with an oven, stovetop, and microwave, which means you can approach dinner in a variety of ways.

A quick TV dinner in the microwave, a two-hour roast in the oven, or some stir fry on the stove are all possibilities when you come home each night. However, cooking can become somewhat of a chore if it becomes a project that takes too much time each evening. A messy kitchen, complex meals, and the tiredness of the day can all create headaches each evening.

Here are a few activities you might want to consider if you’ve recently experienced some hassles in the kitchen of your Seattle apartment home.

Clear Out Everything You Don’t Use

As we grow older and purchase new sets of plates, utensils, and small kitchen appliances, we tend to hang on to the old stuff we used to use in college and in the early years of living away from our parents. However, piles of old kitchen stuff can become a hassle when they create a cluttered kitchen.

Spending a weekend to eliminate redundancies and donate or sell old kitchen items can create a more enjoyable kitchen environment because you’ll spend less time cleaning and organizing, as well as less time trying to find various items that you use frequently. Don’t spend a half-hour searching for the can opener in a deep drawer full of old utensils.

If you’re unsure whether you want to sell certain items that are duplicates in your kitchen, simply place those items at the top of your cupboards where they won’t be in the way of items you use every day. If you have the room to store items and wish to keep them, there’s no reason you can’t get creative with organizing and file them away until they’re needed in the future.

meal plan at your seattle apartmentPlan Ahead for Your Meals at Your Seattle Apartment

Some industrious apartment dwellers make every meal they’ll eat for the week on a single day, so they don’t have to worry about coming home each night to make a meal. They might prepare several meals in advance where all that’s required is a quick trip to the microwave, the toaster oven, or the main oven for a few minutes spent cooking.

If you don’t want to use several hours on Sunday to create a week’s worth of meals, a simple plan that you might adhere to during the week can help you reduce the amount of time you spend cooking each night. How many evenings do you spend looking blankly into the refrigerator, trying to figure out what to cook?

With a simple plan for what you’ll eat that evening, you can reduce how much time you spend in the kitchen as you’ll know exactly what to start making when you get home. Make your list on Sunday and plan a trip to the grocery store to make sure you have all the ingredients for the week.

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