Free Your Seattle Apartment of Clutter with these Simple Tips

Cluttered Seattle Apartment

If you’re like most apartment dwellers, you walk a fine line between a wholly chaotic and cluttered apartment and a clean home that looks like you just finished spring cleaning. Unfortunately, things can sometimes get out of control when you have a busy job, you’re in school full-time, or you have a chaotic family life.

There are a few things you can do to prevent the clutter from building up, as well as some simple methods for reclaiming the space in your Seattle apartment. Here are a few of the projects you may wish to undertake if your apartment has recently become incredibly messy.

Do You Own Too Much Stuff?

One of the interesting things that tend to happen as we improve our homes and move into increasingly larger residences is that our lives and possessions seem to expand alongside the bigger rooms and more substantial homes we occupy. Unfortunately, it’s also common to obtain possessions faster than we can add rooms for the extra stuff.

After living in your Seattle apartment for a few years, you might start to feel like your space isn’t big enough, but that feeling could stem from the increase in stuff you’ve accumulated around the apartment. While you may not want to get rid of your possessions, there are probably some items you own that you don’t really use anymore and should donate, sell, or recycle.

Here’s a rough list of the projects you can accomplish in your quest to reclaim the spaciousness of your apartment:

  1. Make a list of the rooms you wish to de-clutter and prioritize them. You might try cleaning one room a weekend, so you don’t burn-out on the process.
  2. Sort through all the extra items you own and place them into separate groups. You might get some boxes and use them as temporary storage bins for recycling and donations.
  3. Adopt a habit of preventing clutter by choosing your possessions carefully when you make purchases and making sure you’re not hanging onto items you no longer use.

Don’t Get Cluttered in the First Place

You’ll probably gain possessions over time at a rate faster than you give them away, recycle them, or throw them away, so you might eventually feel the clutter starting to build up. However, getting into the habit of putting items away when you’re finished with them can have a dramatic impact on the length of time it takes to reach the point of a completely cluttered existence.

The blog at Bustle reveals:

“Tidy people put things away after they use them. But us untidy folk tend to just put things down, according to [an organization expert]. This habit results in counters that are littered with junk and furniture that is strewn with coats and laundry. (Whoops.)”

You don’t have to possess a hyperactive amount of cleanliness and the urge to clean at the drop of a hat to keep your apartment in reasonably good shape and free of clutter. At the very least, you can set a reminder to do some tidying up once a day – or even once a week – to avoid the seemingly inevitable buildup of items in places they shouldn’t be.

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