The Environment in Urban Seattle Versus Suburban Seattle

Urban Apartment in Seattle

With relatively mild temperatures that still allow for the change of seasons, Seattle offers a pleasant environment in which to live even if it experiences a few hot and frigid days each year.

Important factors in choosing the best Seattle apartment tend to revolve around the price of rent, the amenities of the community, and its location; however, the weather may also find its way into the decision to move to Downtown Seattle or its urban center.

If you’re thinking about moving to a local apartment, here are some statistics about the environment that you may experience as a resident of this region of Washington.

Average Temperatures in Downtown Seattle

Our city tends to have lows in the mid-30s in the winter and highs approaching 80 degrees in the summer. Summer days in the upper 90s do occur on rare occasions, and there are also some quite chilly days in the winter each year. However, the averages for temperatures throughout the year aren’t considered too extreme.

USA Today explains the temperatures of Seattle well:

“The average winter temperature in Seattle is fairly mild, with January experiencing the coldest monthly temps — the average high is 47 degrees F and the average low is 36. February is typically a few degrees warmer. Although rain is still common, there is snow at higher elevations, and visitors can ski at one of the many ski resorts within a couple of hours drive from the city. Crystal Mountain, about 75 miles outside of Seattle, is one of the closest resorts. The city also has ice skating and sledding opportunities.”

How Often Does it Rain and Snow Downtown?

Seattle is a city where you’ll probably see a fair amount of rain, and the reputation that it rains all the time in Seattle isn’t entirely undeserved. Trip Savvy explains:

“Well, it’s not untrue. Rain in Seattle is pretty commonplace. Our autumns and winters tend toward being pretty damp, but it’s not quite as bad as people make it seem. You’ll hear people say it rains all year round here, which usually isn’t true (though, some years, be prepared for the gloom).”

Like any area of the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find the rainfall does inundate the city sometimes but that the overall amount of rain isn’t persistent and daily in its occurrence.

Enjoying Outdoor Activities

There are a variety of activities open to residents that are available throughout the year:

  • Trails for bicycling and hiking
  • Canoeing and rafting adventures
  • Snowboarding and skiing resorts
  • Opportunities to see rare birds
  • Mountaineering and rock climbing

Many of these activities are available throughout the year, which means you can enjoy a hike in the winter just as much as you can in the summer.

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