Entertainment Tips as a Seattle Apartment Owner

Entertaining at Your Seattle Apartment

Entertaining in an apartment often requires some creativity that might not be needed in a regular, single-family home. Whether you live in a palatial manor of a residence or a small and cozy studio Seattle apartment, here are some ways you can take the stress out of entertaining in your home.

Create a Space Just for Your Party

You might have a place for everything, and everything might always be in its place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move everything around for your gathering, get-together, or dinner party. If you don’t have an actual, dedicated dining room (and let’s face it, most apartments only have an open space set aside for a small dinner table), you can repurpose your living room as a dining room.

It helps if you have a kitchen table already where you can insert some sections and widen it for certain occasions, but you don’t even necessarily need a full dining table. You just need enough space to accommodate all your guests and their food. This might mean removing extemporaneous items from the living room like a coffee table and some decorative objects (unless you mean to use the coffee table as a dining table, which is certainly possible with a few pillows used as “chairs” for the event).

Invite Help if You’re Concerned About Cooking for Many People

Some apartment dwellers are amazing in the kitchen and can put together just about anything imaginable for their guests. Other folks aren’t so talented when it comes to cooking, but that doesn’t mean those people are out-of-luck when it comes to dinner parties. All you may have to do is to invite people over who will bring a dish of their own.

You can style your dinner party as a “pot luck” where everyone brings a dish, or you can enlist the help of one person who can take over half of the cooking responsibilities. When all you have is a cozy apartment kitchen in which to prepare meals (which might only be a half kitchen if you live in a studio), you might find it easier to have someone come in with a few dishes to assist.

Understand Your Friends Want to See You Most at Your Seattle Apartment

When you invite your friends over for a dinner party or any sort of gathering, the reason they’ll accept the invitation is because they want to hang out with you. You shouldn’t feel pressured to create the ultimate, perfect evening. You’ll probably have a few things go awry, particularly if you haven’t done any true entertaining before, and that’s fine.

The Kitchn reveals:

“If the dumplings for the soup don’t come together perfectly, or dessert is a little late, or you have to run out for more wine, or you’re exhausted by the end of the night and just want to sit and listen and not play “hostess” anymore, that’s all okay.”

What matters most in a gathering of any sort is the fun you get to have with your friends. While great food and an excellent party can certainly make things memorable, a laid-back and fun experience with friends can also be worth the trouble of putting together a party in your apartment, even it’s limited on space.

Entertain to Your Heart’s Content at Muriel’s Landing

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